Aadil On KCTV5: Headstand And Spinal Traction

“Yoga is not about what we are on the outside.” Aadil gives KCTV5 reporter Elizabeth Rentschler a personal yoga lesson, taking her up in Shirshasana for the first time! He also demonstrates how to traction the spine. September 1, 2017 Source: http://www.kctv5.com/clip/12701778/elisabeth-got-a-personal-lesson-in-yoga-from-a-yoga-master

7 (Great) Ways to Have a Better Morning, with Aadil Palkhivala

Most people dread the moment the alarm clock goes off having to fight their way out of bed to start the day.  But what if you could turn morning time into your favorite time of the day, where waking up is actually easy and more enjoyable? Yoga legend Aadil Palkhivala, known across the world as the “Godfather of yoga in the west,” … Read More

Yoga Can Help You Better Handle Grief, by Aadil Palkhivala

The death of a loved one can leave a hole in our lives. Time goes on, but the feeling of loss remains. Most people say the loss never goes away completely, and for others, it might start to overshadow everything in their life. The things that they used to enjoy may suddenly seem pointless; we lose our appetites, and even … Read More

Breaking the Myths: 7 Misconceptions about Yoga

Maybe you think yoga is nothing but holding strange poses for hours on end. Maybe you think you’re too old or not fit enough to do yoga.  Maybe you think yoga is only for women. Or just maybe you tried yoga once before, didn’t care for it and refuse to try it again because you think all yoga is the … Read More

19 Yoga Teaching Tips Senior Teachers Want to Give Newbies (Aadil’s Tip #11)

Starting your career as a yoga teacher can be exciting, humbling, and terrifying all at the same time. As you get started on your journey to find your unique niche and voice in the seemingly saturated yoga community, never stop seeking guidance from experienced teachers. To that end, we asked 19 experienced teachers to share with you the kind of advice that can move you closer to their caliber of talent … Read More

The Kleshas: Conquering the Fear of Death (Abhinivesha)

It was a cold night in the Pacific Northwest and my beloved wife, Savitri, was dying. All her systems were failing and doctors had given up all hope. I sat beside her bed, holding her head in my hands. I met Savitri when I was 18 and was instantly captured by her haunting beauty and kind heart. I loved her … Read More

The Connection of Yoga

Many years ago I consulted with a lady who is one of the most famous women in the world. After talking about her successes, she finally said that she needed my advice. I asked her what advice she could possibly need because she seemed to have everything that everybody wants! She said, “I don’t understand. Yes, I have everything that … Read More

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