fire-of-loveThe purpose of this book is to reveal and restore the lost essence of yoga, to infuse contemporary yoga with its ancient and future message. This book is a powerful guide for yogic living.

Each page invites the mystery of the world into everyday life. To read it is to ponder life’s purpose, and explore ways to break out of limiting beliefs and conditioned responses to attain the freedom of yourself. It is designed to be a constant companion to all phases and aspects of life.

Using language clear enough to reveal the obscure and neglected depths within each of us, Aadil distills a lifetime of practicing, teaching and living yoga into ten inspiring chapters:

In each chapter, Aadil reaches for timeless spiritual truths while simultaneously exploring ways to ground them in daily life. Vibrant quotations enliven the margins. A shorter essay addressed to teachers of yoga follows each main chapter. On every page, Aadil invites you to fully embody the vast potentials lying dormant.

Listen to excerpts from Fire of Love:

Fire of Love – Peace


Fire of Love – Bigger Picture


Fire of Love – Contents and Preface (PDF)

Respect – excerpt from Fire of Love (PDF)

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Pages: 266 pages, Second Edition
Price: $50.00


What Readers are Saying

“Fire of Love is truly inspirational! Aadil’s words resonate to the depths of one’s soul, regardless of whether you know anything about yoga or not. Fire of Love should be a guide to anyone on the path to a more fulfilling, purposeful life.”
– Drew Stallcop, Jazz Drummer and Percussion Instructor, London, England

The sign of a great book is when I can read it many times over and each time take something new from the reading. With Fire of Love I continue to receive precious gems to uplift my soul, enhance my practice, and solidify my relationship with myself, with others and with the planet.”
– Gordon Kaplan, President, Inner Athlete LLC, Seattle, WA

“Inspiring and humbling, Fire of Love is an excellent reminder of the depth and power of our work. It is a resource not only for my teaching, but for my living!”
– Kelly Pretlow, Director, Maple Leaf Community Yoga, Seattle, WA

Fire of Love is an inspirational security blanket, at my fingertips anytime. Aadil’s words on any page are topics for class thenes and heartwarming inspiration to know that what I teach will be for the highest good. Most comfortingly, I can hear Aadil’s magical voice inside my heart as I silently read the words.”
– Jennifer Wienert, Event Planner, Founder, Hilo Yoga, Papaikou, Hawaii

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