For students and teachers who want a life transforming experience or have a therapeutic situation which they want to address with Purna Yoga, Aadil is available to do a personal, private session.

Each session will be a minimum of one hour and may go on as 3 hours.  Aadil will meet with you repeatedly over the course of time, walking you through multiple stages of progress.  During the sessions Aadil will go over all aspects of your life including your physical body, your emotions, the way your mind works and the connection with your spirit. Such a session is only recommended if you are ready to make a big shift in your life and are willing to make changes.

Aadil highly recommends you record the session and suggests bringing in a certified Purna Yoga teacher who will also support you through the process.

The certified Purna Yoga teacher will do follow-ups and lead you through the different series Aadil will teach you, as well as remind you of the mental and emotional techniques so that the session can have the most value to you when it is over.

Such a personal session must be booked well in advance due to Aadil’s busy schedule.

Price: If you are sincerely interested please email or call for fees and details about the program.

Location: Alive and Shine Center, 2255 140th Ave NE, Suite F, Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone: 425-746-7476