Professional Speaking

Whether you want to grow your bottom line, motivate and inspire your employees, or simply feel happier in life, Aadil will bring new energy to your organization. Aadil’s blend of scientific data, inspiration, motivation, and practical how-to techniques empowers your leadership team to apply the knowledge in life and in the workplace.
  • Joyful, authentic presentation
  • Inspiring yet down-to-earth
  • Philosophy plus real-world application

Keynote Speech & Topics

  • Stress and Your Bottom Line - The Hidden Link
  • Responsibility and Decision-Making
  • The Power of Love in the Creative Process
  • The Secret Key to Improve Relationships
  • Boost Efficiency and Morale with Better Health Habits
  • Build Yourself to Build Your Business

Client List

Some of Aadil’s past clients include:
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Microsoft
  • Queens Medical Center
  • Evergreen Health Symposium
  • Yoga Journal International Conference
  • Omega Institute
  • Global Information Network
Aadil also served on the speaker faculty for iLearning Global, alongside Brian Tracy, Jim Cathcart, Tony Alessandra and more.

Aadil Offers

  • Keynote speeches
  • One-on-one coaching for success
  • Customized group workshops for your executives and leadership team


“Aadil Palkhivala is one of the most sincere, confident, inspirational self-improvement speakers I know.  His gracious heart full of love captures the entire audience, lifts their spirits, and ignites their minds to confidence, performance and productivity.  He would be welcome before any audience anywhere!  I am personally honored to be on programs with him from time to time.” ~ Ed Foreman, U.S. Congressman (retired), Texas and New Mexico “Mr. Palkhivala gave a very cogent and thoughtful review. He is a dynamic and charismatic presenter. I give him my unqualified recommendation as a speaker.” ~ L. Bruce Mills, M.D., Chairman, The Honolulu Medical Group Continuing Medical, Education Committee “Aadil Palkhivala’s keynote presentations were truly inspirational, moving and transformational. The multitude of comments we have received from participants has been overwhelmingly positive.” ~ Jana Pallis, Director of Integrative Medicine, Evergreen Hospital, Kirkland, WA “Aadil Palkhivala receives a standing ovation at the completion of each week, each year. His appeal comes not only from his knowledge but also from the fact that he lives his own principles. He is genuine and magnetic.” ~  Phyllis Pilgrim, Fitness Director, Rancho la Puerta Spa, Tecate, Baja California, Mexico “Aadil Palkhivala is not just a good teacher, he is absolutely astonishing!   Aadil is something else…. A living embodiment of pure joy.  Absolutely unbelievable.” ~ Paul Matthaeus, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Digital Kitchen

Invite Aadil to Speak

To book Aadil for a speaking engagement please email or call 425-885-7026
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