“I received a phone call from Aadil while he was in between sessions at the Omega Institute’s, “The Path of Yoga” in Miami. He was simply calling to say ‘hello’ and ‘wish me well’. In the few minutes that he took from his very busy life and schedule, this man once again taught me a beautiful lesson.

‘Leave everything a little better than you found it’ has been a constant Aadil-ism. Wipe the sink after washing your hands, make it tidy for the next person. If you’re staying at someone’s home, find something that you can fix, add-to or improve. Take the time to put the yoga props away neatly for the next person.

Over the years I have heard Aadil speak of these actions or witnessed him in action. After I put the phone down, my heart was full and happy. I took a long exhalation with the audible ’mmmm’. I felt blessed by his gift of care and concern. His phone call left me feeling better! What a great intention to hold whenever we contact someone: leave them better than when you found them. Whether it be an acquaintance or a stranger, by phone or in person. You never know how far-reaching or long-lasting the effects of a few minutes of contact can be.”

Kona Yoga Newsletter – Barbara Uechi, Hawaii

“It was amazing to watch people coming to Aadil with issues and then leaving the room with a smile on their faces and most importantly the belief that they have the power to heal themselves.”
Therapeutic Teacher Training – Sanjyot Londhe, Washington
“This was the first time I studied with Aadil and I was blown away. His heart-centered approach, kindness and clear teaching style were inspirational. I learned so much. I bought his book and have been using it every day in my classes."
Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park, CO – Student
“I loved Aadil’s approach, his way of explaining the holistic approach was very insightful, it is an aspect that is very often neglected. Most yoga instructions focus on asana.”
Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco, CA – Student

“This was my first time with Aadil and I was very impressed. I am in the medical profession but tend to lean towards a more natural approach. I could have listened and learned from him all day. I also would have loved to have about 30 minutes of private time to ask about several different subjects.”

- Yoga Journal Conference, Estes Park, CO – Student

“I first found Aadil at the 2002 NY Yoga Journal Conference and have sought him out since. He gets better every time. He covers so much without feeling rushed and always includes the deeper aspects of yoga, not just asana. Most importantly he provides a living model to his students of how a teacher/practitioner integrates yoga into his very being. I always leave his classes transformed from the outside to the inside. Fabulous!!!!”

- Yoga Journal Conference Boston, MA – Student

“Thank you for a beautiful transformative experience in the Yoga Medley you taught last week at Alive and Shine Center. Your unique ability to engage each student is a gift to us all. I very much appreciated the personalized attention you gave to me and especially the laughter in your heart."

- Weekend Workshop at Alive and Shine Center in Bellevue, WA – Holly Vogel, California
“It is always a blessing to study with Aadil, a true Master. He shares a huge amount of information with humor, gentleness and kindness. I arrived with no expectations. I returned home not only with new skills and tools to improve as a teacher, but a deep healing within myself.”
– Jude Monteserrato, Rhode Island:  Therapeutic Teacher Training
Many people including myself feel that we were in the presence of a true Master Teacher so again all I can say is how grateful we feel for having such a wonderful human being here in our presence teaching and sharing with such profound depth and integrity from the heart.”
Workshop in Vancouver, Canada – Susan Bull, Canada
“I just want to say thank you. Thank you for answering so many questions. Thank you for validating my feelings and visions. Thank you for not being afraid to share your knowledge. You both [Aadil and Savitri] have the ability explain mysterious and confusing concepts in simple terms. You have empowered me to really believe in myself. Thank you for that.”
Workshop in Boca Raton, FL with Aadil & Savitri – Sally Becker, Colorado

“I’ve been using Aadil’s (Gayatri Mantra CD) as part of my personal caregiver’s respite. After difficult days assisting my husband with both his elderly parents, I treat myself to a very long soak in the tub with Aadil’s voice echoing in the room. Great for washing off the ‘stuff’ of caregiving and offering my actions to the Divine. I use Aadil’s CD to speak for me when I have not energy left to stay focused and do it myself. I let this prayerful voice lift me up. After the tub it’s off to restorative yoga and then I am ready to rejoin the world. Blessing to you, Aadil, for supporting me in this way.”

Gayatri Mantra CD – Jayne Cagle, Tennessee